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Have you searched for yourself or your business on Google?

One reason you may not see your links first may be because of your online activity. The more you secure your business name on multiple websites, and the more engagement and activity you have, the higher your name will show up on the search results.

BABBLON's platform is another social media that will categorize the posts and links you already have. Posting your materials, and inviting others to join and follow your network, will spread your reach for higher trending results.

Go ahead and babble on!

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Boosting will add your posts to the Promoted area on the top of everyone's timeline (like this!).
For a limited time, we will make all new members Fire Members for free, which will give you the option to boost up to 3 posts.

Just click on the options (three ellipse dots) on your post and click "Boost Post." If you change your mind, click "UnBoost Post" and choose another post for your promotion. Simple as that.

Not a Fire Member? Contact us here -> to take advantage of this limited-time promotion!

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We are excited to bring you a new social media platform with clear search categories and little more wiggle room to decorate! Use the categories to stream videos, sounds, photos (and more) independently on your timeline without the hassle of scrolling through endless posts for your favorite topics. There's also the option of adding background images to your profile for promotional marketing or to add some flare to your page.

So what are you waiting on? Invite more people to your network today!

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BIG thanks to all the new members!
Go ahead and post up all your content, don't be shy

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